Free meeting room app for Tablet PC

free app

Introducing the new Skyscraper Light app for tablet PC, combined with Office 365. Our free app is essential for small businesses.

Working with the Skyscraper Light app is simple and convenient, no additional integrations are required – all you need to do is set the authorisation parameters for MS Office 365. With our app, you can easily book a selected meeting room, cancel the reservation if necessary, or make other changes to it.

Here are just a few key features:

– The app is integrated with MS Office 365. Just sign in with your Microsoft account.

– You can customise the app for use with digital signage: give the meeting room a name, upload a background image, upload a capacity.

– Supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, Educational, Russian, or add your own.

– Schedule meetings from your desktop or Tablet PC (booking feature is available by subscription).

Try our Skyscraper Light app today!