Meeting Room Booking Light
Use your Panel PC on Android or Apple iPADs as a digital signage for meeting rooms.

Meeting Room Booking Light key features

No need to purchase meeting room booking system. Our Application is free to use for basic features:

Application is integrated with MS Office 365. Simply log-in with Microsoft account for calendar of meeting room in Meeting Room Booking Light application
View your meeting room schedule as you see it in MS Office 365 calendar
Configure your application for digital signage purpose: assign meeting room name, upload background image, enter room capacity
Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or you can add your own
Book your meeting from Table PC or iPAD (available on subscription)
Where to download?
Application is avialable in Play.Market , coming soon in App-Store or download APK file.
More features by subscription
Schedule the meeting in one click right from Panel PC or iPAD. Just 3 USD per month for Meeting Room Booking Light and you will get all features.

How to start application?

1. Calendar System
Select the Microsoft calendar system (Google will be available soon).
2. Authorization
Enter email and password of Microsoft Office 365 meeting room account (note: please do not mix it with your private Microsoft account as you will share your personal calendar).
3. Setting Password
Administrator password is required to lock application for users to avoid unauthorized change of configuration. Set a password and confirm it.

App configuration

App Configuration

You can configure settings right from Meeting Room Booking Light application (touch the logo five times in the upper right part of the screen).

· Room Name — set a name of the meeting room
· Meeting Subject — default meeting subject
· User can change meeting subject — turn on the toggle, if you need users to be able to change the default meeting subject
· Background — set an image for the app background

· Room capacity — maximum capacity of the people in the room
· Language — select a language or add your own
· Show booking button — turn off the toggle if you don’t need to view a calendar or book rooms right from Meeting Room Booking Light

Kiosk mode

It will be required to launch application in kiosk mode. Otherwise users will be able to close application.

Depending on your OS we can suggest to setup default kiosk mode (screen pinning) for Android 9 or use special kiosk mode application like fully kiosk solutions.

Turn on kiosk mode in Android 9 :
Tap Security or Security & location -> Advanced -> App pinning
Set the desired protection method needed to unpin a device.

After turning on app pinning you can use this function by swiping up the screen and tapping the app’s icon.

App autostart

For quick access to the application you can use additional solution like “AutoStart – no root” app.

Just add Meeting Room Booking Light application in autostart, deactivate the checkbox that returns to the home screen and turn on the autostart.

– Find email and password of Microsoft Office 365 meeting room account
– Prepare tablet PC to work in kiosk mode (screen pinning) to avoid an accidental closing of the application
App is currently available in English and Russian.

You can help us to add your language by filling out this form.

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