Wireless locker system

For Hybrid office and co-working. GYMs, shops and business centers for postal or courier delivery service.

Wireless locker system

Locker system for hybrid office and co-working

Locker system for hybrid offices and co-working
For employees, guests, parcel delivery.
The wireless lock can be used in Gym, shops, courier delivery, co-working
Easy maintain without wires
Access via Bluetooth: mobile application, Self-service kiosk
Access via PIN code, QR code, security access card
Booking functionality for office locks. One locker can be used for single employee or shared with others
One-time password for guests or couriers
Support of E-Ink with booking data: locker ID, name, QR code to scan and open from mobile application

Locker system for courier delivery service

L:ocker system for courier delivery service
Any location for locker system installation. Only tablet PC with Skyscraper management software and Wi-Fi is required
Access to locker system with QR code, PIN code and others
Support of E-Ink with data: locker ID, name, QR code to scan and open from mobile application
Can be used as postal services for employees in hybrid office

Locker system for GYM

Locker system for gym
Access to locker via QR code, NFC tag, PIN code or Bluetooth
Users are able to choose locker on their own
Mostly any type of materials can be used for lockers
No wired devices, simple maintenance

Locker management for business center

Lockers system for business center
Landlords can provide storage for tenants and apply fee for usage
Can be used for documents or package delivery
Access can be shared with multiple tenant employees on their own
Tenant can order storage space in a locker system for a period of time

Interfaces of Wireless locker system

Interface of locker system
Mobile app with lockers system

Mobile application for iOS and Android

Open locker with QR code, find locker or book storage for personal needs via mobile application.
Tablet PC interface of lockers system

Locker management Tablet PC

Android application for tablet PC is used for management purpose of wireless lockers and to provide access to lockers via QR code, PIN code, security access card, face ID and even Active Directory credentials.
Web interface of lockers system

WEB portal

Administration of lockers through the Smart Office portal and setting parameters: name, tags, background image and other criteria. WEB portal has interfaces for users. API for integrating with the client’s portal.
Skyscraper software integration with other services

Open API for integration with locker system

Our flexible API allows clients to implement functionality into any third party application or to be integrated with payment systems or security access systems.


Wireless Bluetooth lock
Panel PC for lockers management
Lockers of any design
Mobile application to make booking and open personal locker

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