Visitor management module

It is easy to get access to office with our visitor management system. Application user can order visitor card for guests and contractors. Receptionist can approve your request and provide security access to guest.


Visitor management key features

Order guest pass to the office
Order parking pass
Manage approvals and validate guests
Issue security access pass by receptionist
Integrated with security access system
Self check-in terminal

Self check-in visitor terminal

Our special application for visitor kiosk allows guests to get security pass with self-validation process. Automatic 3D face validation and comparison with passport. It is not required to have reception on duty to validate guests. Terminal can easily work with various of security access pass: mobile access pass, plastic security pass, temporary QR code pass.

Options available:
Health Check – body temperature
Alco test
Mask test
Customized requirement can be developed

Interfaces of visitor management module

Desk booking system notebook

Mobile application

Company employee or business users can raise an invitation request for guest from mobile application.

WEB application

Available for reception, security and business users.
Self kiosk for registration in a business center

Kiosk for self-registration

WEB-based application can run on any OS with key feature – guest validation.
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Security access system

How to implement the system?

For small companies, the implementation can be done by themselves.

For the enterprise clients, we offer comprehensive implementation services together with our partners. It includes integration services, equipment supply, implementation of individual business processes.
Implementation service
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