Request management system for facility services

The possibility to order a service to relevant department with one click. Manage staff and tasks is easy now.

Service Desk system

Legacy model of facilities services

Service desk, cleaning service
Low user’s satisfaction of building services
Legacy access to facilities services by a phone, email ets
Issues with employees KPI

Facility management with Request management system

Software for Landlords and Tenants
How can we help?

Control incoming applications to contracting organization or your employees
Let your employees to order a service with one click without break from work
Classify incoming applications and send them to the right department immediately
Increase KPI of outsourced staff

Access to Request management system by different channels

Interface of service desk system
Mobile application

Mobile application

Choose and order the facilities services in two clicks. Convenient order system for available services or creating new requests in certain department.
Meeting room panel PC

Meeting Room Tablet

Service Desk module is integrated into the application Meeting Room Booking Tablet. Just select a necessary service right in a meeting room.
QR Code for desk

QR code scanning

By scanning QR code you can define executor and requester of the task. Also, executors confirm the task completion by QR.
Skyscraper software integration with other services

Capabilities for integration

Mail servers and booking systems.
Integration with enterprise level service desk systems.

How to implement software with Request management system?

For small companies, the implementation can be done by themselves.

For the enterprise clients, we offer comprehensive implementation services together with our partners. It includes services for integration, supply of equipment, implementation of individual business processes.
Implementation service
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