Self-service kiosk module

For employees with enterprise co-working, guests of business centers.

Self service kiosk

Key features of Self-service kiosk

Self service kiosk in a hybrid office
Convenient navigation and path finder for guests
Find your colleague’s work desk, department or POI objects
Self check-in for work desk booking
Work desk booking from kiosk
Meeting room booking

Authorization options

Self service kiosk
Un-authorized users are allowed for limited functions. Supported authorization types:
Login with ADFS, login/ password
Security access card (user can add its own), including mobile access from HID
QR code
Mobile phone + pin code

Interface of Self-service kiosk

Interfaces of self service kiosk

Infrastructure for Self-service kiosk

Android touch screen kiosk 32" wall mounted
Floor mount Self-service Kiosk 32 – 45" for Smart office application
Security access card reader for authorization on Kiosk
Biometric reader for user authorization on Self-service kiosk
Built-in face recognition for authorization on Self-service kiosk

How to start project?

It is easy to start project with us. Please, submit your request and provide initial details:
Your business: company with office or Business Center owner
Quantity of expected meeting rooms, work desks, users etc.
Special requests for integration with information system (if any)

We will contact you shortly.
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