Parking management system

For landlords to manage local parking. For tenants to provide parking booking services for employees.

Parking management system

Parking management system for landlords

Parking management system for Landlords
Reporting and analysis: how many lots are free at the moment, number of visitors, turnover per day
Divide a parking into different zones and apply special rates
Integration with existing security access system: access with QR code, mobile access, number-plate recognition
Integration with payment system to collect payment from mobile application
Wireless LoRa-based parking sensors for online monitoring and free zone navigation

Parking management system for tenants

Parking management system for tenants
Parking space booking via mobile and WEB applications
Integration with landlord’s security access system
Guest parking
Dedicated parking space and free zone depending on job title, level of access
Security access module for manual check of parking reservations
NB-IoT based parking sensors for online parking occupancy monitoring

Interfaces of parking management system

Parking booking system
Mobile application for parking booking

Mobile application for parking

Choose parking on the floor map. Book parking lot with one click. Application also helps to navigate on the parking.
Web application for security officer

WEB application for security officer

Special web interface for security staff which informs in details about any visitors and approved cars for the parking.
Web portal with parking booking system


Administration of parking lots through the Smart Office portal and setting parameters: name, building, floor, availability of equipment and other criterias. WEB-portal with interfaces for users work.
API for integrating with the client’s portal.
Skyscraper software integration with other services

Capabilities for integration with 3d part

Any type of integration with other parking systems: video analytics, access control systems, parking sensors, LED indicators and information displays and ets.


Parking sensors based on LoRa WAN technology
Integration with implemented Access Control system
Integration with Video analytics systems

How to implement software for parking management?

For small companies, the implementation can be done by themselves.

For the enterprise clients, we offer comprehensive implementation services together with our partners. It includes services for integration, supply of equipment, implementation of individual business processes.
Implementation service
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