Desk booking system

Designed for hybrid office workplace. In compliance with enterprise environment.

Hybrid office

Build hybrid office with desk booking software

Hybrid office with desk booking software
Hybrid office strategy initiates workplace transformation projects in enterprises to use flexible workplaces and reduce rental cost for business. Enterprises have number of requirements for desk booking system:

Open API for integration with enterprise systems (AD, SSO, SAP, etc)
Align with security standards
Flexible administration of user groups and workplaces in each office location
Keep safety distance due to COVID-19
Multiple user interfaces : WEB, iOS, Android, Kiosk, MS Team and MS Outlook plug-ins
On-Premise or SaaS types of license based on company policy

Skyscraper key features of desk booking software

Hybrid office with desk booking software
Multiple office locations, floor maps, workplace zones with own booking policy and access rules
Booking policy for each work desk and for each person
Manager’s functions in calendar plan for team: desk booking, vacation, on leave, business trip and other status. Approval scenarios for each department
Tags and amenities for each desk
Search options: department, people, POI, desk
Users can book two desks in one time (depending on policy): main in open area and additional (quiet) for limited time
Desk booking integrated with parking booking process
Check-in / Check-out and Healthcare
Various of check-in and check-out processes: QR code, network login, security card, NFC, indoor positioning, GEO location and more
Employees status: health, vacation, trip, in office, at home etc.
Healthcare restrictions for employees: social distance and reporting on social contacts

Interfaces of desk booking software

Desk booking system notebook
Desk booking on the Mobile App

Mobile application for desk booking

Desk booking on the go. Check-in and check-out with mobile application: QR scanning, NFC, indoor positioning, GEO locaton. Available on iOS and Android.
MS Outlook plugin for desk booking

MS Outlook plug-in for desk booking

The most convenient way to book desk for users who prefer MS Outlook among all others. It is easy to install. Plug-in also useful to book meeting rooms and parking.
Skyscraper software booking system web

WEB application for desk booking

Full featured WEB application is convenient to search for colleagues, book desks, view calendar, manager functions.
The same functionality available on KIOSK for self-service.
Skyscraper software integration with other services

Desk booking engine for external UI

Skyscraper desk booking engine can be integrated to enterprise portals like SAP, Microsoft and mobile applications due to open API. Departments and work groups with users are synchronized via Active Directory. Authorization through corporate systems, such as SSO, MS Azure is supported.


MobAPP for iOS & Android
EINK display for desk booking
Modern & stylish panel PC on your desk
Check employee’s presence with workplace proximity sensor

How to implement software for desk booking?

For small companies, the implementation can be done by themselves.

For the enterprise clients, we offer comprehensive implementation services together with our partners. It includes services for integration, supply of equipment, implementation of individual business processes.
Implementation service
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