Meeting room booking with access control

Meeting Room Booking with Access Control
Access control

In the new realities, business center owners and tenants tend to organize a meeting room access control to ensure the safety and security, equipment damage and theft risks mitigation.

To keep safe expensive equipment (computers, tablets, projectors, sound/video systems and ets ) is not the only one reason for the access restriction. Innovative technologies allow to automate visitor logbook, manage meeting rooms booking, keep track of renting time and invoicing. During the pandemic, usage of high tech and electronic visitor management systems helped to define the source of the infection and take the appropriate actions. Controlled access to the meeting rooms is a beneficial advantage for landlords and tenants.

Thera are many solutions for meeting room access control. It can be web-applications, meeting room scheduling panels-pc, tablets with meeting’s schedules apps. Landlords are faced with the question how to automate the meeting room access control only for authorized visitors?

Skyscraper company can help with the solution. We offer Android-based access control panels with pre-installed Skyscraper Meeting room booking app. Our system allows to set up the meeting room access in two ways:

  1. Without integration with Physical Access Control System (PACS). This requires to plug the special relay.
  2. Integrate meeting room entrance with PACS

To help you with an appropriate choice, let’s have a look in more detail at the both options.

Without integration meeting room access control with Physical Access Control System (PACS)

Meeting room access control system requires:

  • Touch panel devices, for example Qbic, ITD, Yealink or others;
  • USB Relay controller;
  • Access cards reader, for example Honeywell, Linear or others;
  • Skyscraper Smart Office server software.

How to make the meeting room booking?

  • During the meeting room schedule, it requires to add all invited attendees in the booking system. Meeting organizer can add any types of access cards and use them in a future. For example, in case of usage the HID card readers, it is possible to apply the mobile phones with HID mobile access and meeting visitors can enter to the room with assigned access card;
  • Access cards’ credentials will be available on the Android-based touch panel device managed by Skyscraper Smart Office server. The tablet can be placed on the wall near the meeting room entrance.

Integration with Physical Access Control System (PACS) for meeting rooms access module

Meeting room access control system requires:

  • Any type of PACS;
  • Skyscraper Smart Office server software;
  • Connectors;
  • Magnetic lock.

How to make the meeting room booking?

  • In integration with PACS scenario, the access to the meeting rooms is managed by PACS. The Skyscraper Smart Office solution sends the required attendees’ cards ID and required information for access management to the PACS;
  • The access to the meeting room will be granted to all invitees at the scheduled time. Participants pass to the meeting room by their access card.

Skyscraper has ready-to-use connectors with Bolid, ARMO systems and Parsec.

Also for access management requires to have magnetic lock. Skyscraper company delivers the required equipment and makes the installation together with our partners.

Implementation of Skyscraper Smart Office solution for meeting rooms access management and control allows business centers to:

  • organize central management of access authorization
  • deny the access for unauthorized meeting room visitors
  • facilitate booking resources and keep track of visitors
  • save the costs for administrative work due to capability to schedule meetings and rooms booking directly by tenants
  • save the expensive equipment from damage and stealing
  • automate booking time recording and invoicing
  • provide the tenants with a sense of security and confidence in the building with authentication and visitor monitoring system
  • get the more efficient visitors’ control and booking management experience with high-tech solutions

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